Package No. 7 - "Through the Land of the Snail in slow rhythm"


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The final shape of the package to be determined on the basis of an interview with a potential client and determination of the structure - services provided by the tourism organizer versus the client's own services.
Transport will remain the main variable - whether it is to be provided in the package or whether the group has its own and potential place of departure, because this will affect the time-based possibility of implementing the assumed package.
In addition, the 2nd variable is accommodation - to determine the group's budget and catering services, and thus the nature and location of the accommodation.

Day 1 – Friday

Depending on the arrangements with the client - travel by the group with its own transport or transport provided by the organizer, assuming the distance enabling the implementation of the package assumptions - i.e. departure in the morning and reaching the Buczyniec area max. around noon

OSTRÓDZKO-ELBLĄSKI CANAL - a 3-hour cruise along the OLD SLIPWAY of the Ostróda-Elbląg Canal from the Buczyniec Slope - return to this place (cooperation with the Ship on the Grass company)

We start the cruise at the pier of the Bursztyn and Zefir ship on the premises of the Buczyniec Slope. Then, after 200 meters, the unit enters the tilt trolley. With the help of hydrotechnical devices, the ship on a cart is pulled out of the water on railroad rails. We cover the route of 490 m on dry land from the top of the Buczyniec slipway down to the bottom, where we descend by nearly 21 m. We leave the cart to cover about 2 km by the water of the Elbląg Canal. To the next Kąty slipway, where the ship is parked on a rail cart for the second time. This time, the transport on dry land is 404 m long, and the height drop is almost 19 m. At the bottom of the ramp, the unit sails out of the trolley to descend another 19 m on the Oleśnica Slope on a walking cruise along the Elbląg Canal. Behind the third slipway, the Zephyr ship turns back and using the same slipways, only this time rising from the bottom to the top, the vessel returns to the place of departure.

VISIT TO THE NOVA RESTAURANT near PASŁĘK - tasting the snail menu along with a short meeting with a representative of the facility and a story about the inspiration of the subject of snails and the specificity of preparing dishes, the possibility of individual visiting the Snail Gallery and purchasing snail products.

PASŁĘK - a walk around the city with a pilot - a guide following the traces of the most interesting monuments and incl. history of the Teutonic Knights, at the end of the tour - ORGAN CONCERT IN PASŁĘCKA FARA.

Starting proposal: Overnight at the JARZĘBINOWY DOBROSTAN / AGROTURYSTYKA facility combined with an outdoor dinner and integration of participants
Or, depending on the preferences of the group - accommodation in a *** hotel facility in Elbląg.

2nd day – Saturday

Buffet breakfast with elements of agritourism dishes, after breakfast a short presentation of cosmetic products, a story about them and the possibility of shopping
ELBLĄG - a short walk around the city with a pilot - guide combined with a story about the revitalization of the Elbląg Old Town and, among others, visiting the Cathedral, as well as visiting the local museum and exhibition about the history of the city
WATER HARBOR (ELBLĄG) - possibility of getting to know the city from the water side - cruise divided into groups by fast boats - 3 groups of up to 8 people each - during a break from the cruise - coffee / tea in a restaurant on the coast of Elbląg Old Town

Dinner in Jarzębinowy Dobrostan in the afternoon, free time at the disposal of participants, the possibility of organizing a banquet / feast / bonfire dinner

3rd day - Sunday
Buffet breakfast at the accommodation

FROMBORK - guided tours of the most interesting buildings of the castle related to, among others, with the bishops of Warmia and Copernicus - the exact program to be specified based on the offer of the Cathedral Hill available on the planned date
BRANIEWO - a short visit to the historic city of Warmia - incl. St. Catherine, fragments of the former castle, tour by coach following the traces of the most interesting places in the city
After lunch, return to the place of departure in the evening


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