The Marina of the Water Group

The marina on the Elbląg River in the center of Elbląg managing by the Water Group is a unique place for everyone who wants to slow down a bit and take a break from the rush of everyday life.

The Water Group is a great partner for organizing canoeing trips, also with kayak delivery to the indicated place and for organizing birthday events or corporate integrations.

For children, they offer a sailing school as well as sailing and motorboat training completed with obtaining a patent. In the summer time, there are also water sports and an Eco-fisherman day camps.

The marina contributes to the network tourist product " In the land of the Snail", offering for individual cruises: 20 kayaks, 4 Suzuki 10KM motorboats, 4 RIB Yamaha 10KM motorboats, 4 pedal boats, 20 Optimist sailing boats, 4 Omega sailing boats and a fast 140KM RIB motor boat with a helmsman.

Good fun and safety is guaranteed by Marcin Trudnowski - educator, sailor, yacht and motorboat captain, diving and windsurfing instructor as well as team of highly qualified instructors.

The Marina of the Water Group, Wybrzeże Gdańskie, 82-300 Elbląg, +48 55 64 333 44, +48 693 194 234

NIP 5781985009,,  +48 55-64-333-44, +48 693-194-234, +48 603-407-234

Water Group - Cruises and short trips 

The offer includes the organization of cruises and short water trips organized on a fast RIB speedboat, kayaks or motorboats and RIBs that do not require authorization.

Trips can last from several minutes to the whole day.

Exploration can cover a variety of directions and topics. For example:

- Elbląg, the old town, city canal around the Granary Island, shipyard, port and industrial memoirs,

- Nogat, Fiszewka and Drużno Lake with the possibility of bird watching with an ornithologist,

- Ostródzko-Elbląski Canal on the section Elbląg - Buczyniec Incline along with the use of the attractions of the "Cruise on the grass" trail,

- towards the Vistula Lagoon - the Nogat River, the Jagiellonian Channel, the Nowakowska Island, the Elbląg Bay and the very popular Vistula Spit ditch under construction.

- attractions – e.g. canoe trips

- Trips to the Snail Farm

- Bicycle tours

- Sightseeing tours in the Land of Snail (including Frombork, Tolkmicko, Kadyny etc.)

During cruises, it is possible to ensure visits to selected places and catering on boats or stops, the possibility of tasting regional specialties and, additionally, the implementation of combined scenarios using, for example, bicycles.

In addition to the standard offer, it is possible to prepare special programs at the customer's request.

Rental of water equipment 

Here you can feel the pleasant breeze on a hot day and experience a fantastic adventure on the water. Water equipment rental is a way for an unforgettable adventure for the whole family, great fun for a group of friends, and even a romantic meeting for two.

Regardless of the type of equipment, you can get comfortable conditions here, which will allow you to sunbathe and relax in the middle of the river in the middle of the old town or in the bosom of nature just outside the city.

The unforgettable views of the Elbląg Old Town on one side and the wild nature surrounding the river on the other will remain in your memory for a long time. Here you can feel the wind in your hair and taste the freedom by using motorboats on your own or by rushing on the azure surface of the water on board a super-fast RIB with a helmsman.

At the marina of Grupa Wodna throughout the summer season, the following are available:

- 20 kayaks,

- 4 Suzuki 10KM motorboats,

- 4 RIB Yamaha 10KM motorboats,

- 4 water bikes,

- 20 Optimist sailing boats,

- 4 Omega sailing boats,

- fast motor boat RIB 140KM with a helmsman.

We encourage you to purchase tourist packages as part of project partners.