About the unique offer - the miracles of "In the Land of the Snail"

What awaits us in "In the Land of the Snail"? 

Something that we will not find anywhere else in Poland: delicious and healthy food with a selection of dishes made of snails and other molluscs that no other restaurant serves. What's more, snail dishes are prepared both according to traditional Polish recipes and the latest culinary trends, and they are made primarily of regional products and raw materials.

"In the Land of the Snail" you can also take advantage of biological regeneration offering natural cosmetic products, relaxation in beautiful places. It is also excellent also for active recreation and water tourism.

Where to look for it all? Simply - in the north-east of Poland, near the Vistula Lagoon, in the area of ​​an irregular quadrilateral with vertices in Elbląg, Frombork, Braniewo and Pasłęk. Its borders include parts of Powiśle and Warmia.

Let's get to business.

Snail dishes are served or will be served (the full offer will be available from May 2022) in two places: the restaurant belonging to the Jarzębinowy Dobrostan (wellness agritourist complex) in Stępień near Frombork and in the already operating NOVA restaurant in Nowa Wieś near Pasłęk, where there is a restaurant room with 80 seats, a coffee bar, Snail Gallery, a conference room, a snail playground, a mini snail farm and an educational trail.

The specialization of both restaurants, after the project is fully launched, will be snail dishes: in the permanent menu at least 10 dishes with this specialty (starters, soups, main courses, desserts, drinks, culinary curiosities like snail hamburgers, etc.). It will be unparalleled anywhere else in Poland, a wealth of "snail" flavors, culinary variations and inspiration for the daily menu of guests! Exquisite and simple dishes - something for everyone. Also, culinary delicacies using the so-called white snail caviar. The menu will be complemented by regional and traditional dishes of Warmia and Mazury, so that guests can fully get to know and appreciate the culinary heritage of the region.

Additional attractions include live cooking, i.e. occasional live cooking with culinary masters, the Snail Academy - one and several-day culinary workshops with famous chefs (snail dishes, regional cuisine) organized periodically in both locations, open-air culinary events such as "Snail Day" or "Polish snail Championship", as well as the possibility to buy culinary products and souvenirs, like various versions of canned snails to use at home.

The body needs not only food, but also pampering, hence the unique offer of recreation and biological regeneration services at Natural Snail SPA in Jarzębinowy Dobrostan. It will be a new recreational and service facility built under the project, offering a wide range of SPA & Wellness based on natural products. Specialization: first of all pure, fully ecological snail slime! For the needs of the consortium, a special line of cosmetics has been developed, characterized by the highest share of pure, 100% snail slime in the active substance on the Polish market.

In the Natural Snail SPA facility, customers will be able to use the indoor pool, jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, steam bath and treatments in 5 beauty rooms (massages, facial and body treatments, SPA rituals, aesthetic medicine, permanent epilation, hand and foot care). Treatments will be available with the use of devices such as: cavitation peeling, needle-free mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, oxybrasion, radio waves, electrostimulation, dream healhter.

In the outer zone there will be a swimming pool, a beach, a relaxation garden, a place for gardening - a grill hut, a mini-golf area (modern trainer), a separate area with attractions for children.

Couples, future and new mothers and gentlemen will be able to count on specially tailored offers.

To ensure the balance of the body and spirit, not only relaxation and rest, but also physical activity are needed so the clients of the resort will be able to take advantage of various Wellness Active offers, individual or group (sailing / kayaking trips, bicycle trips, slow jogging, aqua aerobic etc.).

Of course, a few hours are not enough to take advantage of all the benefits of the center, as well as the whole “Land of the Snail”, so there is accommodation available in various standards and for every budget.

And finally, the last, but not least, characteristic point of this extraordinary area: tradition, culture and, in general, tourist values of the region. Active tourism enthusiasts will find here great conditions for water tourism and active recreation since there are three types of natural reservoirs at fingertips: sea - the Vistula Lagoon, lake - Drużno, rivers and canals - Elbląg, Pasłęka, Elbląg Canal. Sailing, canoeing, recreational swimming in one area!

In relation to above one can take advantage of the offer of Grupa Wodna, whose marina is fantastically located near the High Bridge against the Old Town in Elbląg, a unique example of archeological and reconstruction works famous not only in Poland. You can rent boats, pedal boats, motorboats and kayaks here, or take advantage of organized cruises.

In addition, there are the unique natural values ​​of the region: the charming landscapes of the Northern Bieszczady Mountain, i.e. the Elbląg Upland, sandy beaches of the Vistula Lagoon, inaccessible anywhere else in Poland, the areas of the Vistula Marshland, all in the buffer zone of forests, parks, fields and lakes - the Green Lungs of Poland!